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Sunshine Careers

Solventless Assistant


Full Time Monday - Friday
Starting at $21/hour

  1. Follow SOPs for maintaining freeze dryers and melt including but not limited to:

    1. Process melt through sifting into jars

      1. Ensure jars are all labeled and recorded properly

    2. Reload freeze dryer with batches from washroom freezer and ensure settings are accurate on machine

    3. Defrost the freeze dryers and remove ring to clean trays and surfaces

  2. Bagging melt for pressing

    1. Use sift jars to bag melt while maintaining a clean area to prohibit cross contamination on the outer press bag

  3. Follow all SOPs for Rosin Pressing including but not limited to:

    1. Pressing bagged melt for rosin ensuring proper techniques and clean parchment, jars and tools

    2. Record data and label all jars properly

  4. Lab maintenance: Cleaning glass and tools

    1. All work should only be performed on cleared off clean tables.

    2. Daily cleaning of any and all dirty tools and jars using isopropyl alcohol

    3. Remove all damaged lids and jars while cleaning jars 

    4. Daily cleaning of tables and work area

    5. Weekly cleaning of general areas

  5. Solventless ice wax extraction 

    1. Follow SOPs related to production of ice wax

  6. Data collection and general SOPs:

    1. As our production increases, and we strive to improve efficiency, data collection methods may change. It is imperative to follow all current procedures related to data collection and follow all accountability protocols.

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