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Our Story

Born in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder, CO, Sunshine has quickly become a common name in retailers across the state, known for producing flavorful and effective rosin products at an affordable price. Since 2020, we have taken a small-batch approach to cultivate, wash and press everything in-house. Dedicated to producing the highest quality solventless products to add to our constantly evolving genetic library, we oversee every step of the process through our integrated cultivation and extraction facility. Not all solventless is created equal.


Embrace the Sunshine. 

Meet the Sunshine Team

Our team prides itself on being compliant, focused and determined to maintain high quality products. Our efficiency has allowed us to produce high quality solventless hash at an affordable price, making our products ideal for both the introductory rosin consumer and the experienced hash head connoisseur.


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Quincy Edwards


Quincy Edwards is a veteran in the cannabis space with over a decade of extraction expertise. After high school, Quincy attended Virginia Tech University where he developed a passion for both hash and high-end glass while simultaneously earning degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry. After graduation he decided not to follow in his family’s footsteps of pharmaceutical studies but instead to follow his passion and pursue a career in cannabis. 


From the beginning, Quincy immersed himself in the culture and began his cannabis journey working with 710 Labs where his talents and intelligence were quickly recognized, rising to Director of Production within a year.  During his time there, Quincy played a substantial role in pioneering large scale top-tier solventless hash production. After maintaining that position for several years and contributing to the rapid growth of 710, Quincy decided it was time for a change; purchasing Sunshine.


At Sunshine, Quincy has full control over all variables including strain selection and production protocols. He has applied his background in Chemistry to create procedures never before seen in the industry. His efficiency and expertise has led to a substantial increase in quality as well as created a spectacular work environment.

Tony Chipy


Tony has always had a knack for problem solving and finding cutting-edge solutions to tough challenges. Cannabis has always played a large role in his life; from a young age as a habitual user to a grown adult as a cannabis entrepreneur. 


Tony is a lifelong advocate of legalization, driven fully by the medicinal properties of cannabis. Growing for 15 years, and starting with 3 lights in a one-bedroom apartment, he found success in curating efficient grow-room designs which led to the desire to start his own facility.


Driven by a shared curiosity of where cannabis will lead us, Tony lives on the forefront of the most refined cannabis concentrates currently known, leading the charge to make rosin a more mainstream product, welcoming to the introductory user, and appealing to the connoisseur.

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